When does someone need a medical alert system?

Finding the right time to buy a medical alert system is not an easy task. As we age, there are many factors which contribute to a higher falls risk. These include loss of strength, balance and flexibility which can be detrimental for seniors living at home alone.

It begs the question, when is the right time to buy a medical alarm?

International clinical trials have shown that one of the major reasons capable seniors stop exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle is the fear of falling. This neglect of exercise out of fear leads to an even higher chance of falling due to reduced fitness and mobility.

SOS Pendant’s offer assurance and security for older Australians so they can worry less about falls and continue to remain active and independent for longer.

The benefits with the SOS Pendant as opposed to many other alarms is the ability to work both inside and outside of the home. This allows seniors to continue going for walks, lightly exercising and maintaining their daily lifestyle.