Medical Alert System FAQs

Personal Medical Alert Systems

We can find you in an emergency.

When you call 000 on a cell phone, the operators do not have information about where you are located like they do when you dial 000 from your home landline. The operator must waste valuable time asking you questions to gather this information. And you (or someone with you) must be able to give detailed location information to the operator. If there is any miscommunication, the closest paramedics may not be called – wasting more valuable time. 

Calling for help using the SOS Pendant will connect you to our Emergency Operators. With a single button press you will be connected through to our 24 hour unit who will immediately access your personal profile. They will speak to you through the mobile device and you can speak to them to let them know the situation. Even if you can’t speak, or your companion is flustered and can’t communicate clear information for you, our operators will assist by notifying your emergency contacts.

Seniors and others with chronic medical conditions who may need to get emergency help while at home or away from home should have a medical alert system. 

SOS Pendant has a Telstra SIM inside which allows nationwide coverage during an emergency.

Moving or Traveling

Please contact our Customer Service department at 1300 767 225 any time there are any changes to your personal information. They’re open Monday through Friday 8.30 AM to 8 PM AEST.

If you are having an extended holiday, you can choose to call the SOS team and organise an address switch.

Your Mobile Device will need to be turned OFF. Simply text your device “poweroff#” and it will power off after 30 seconds.